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At 21Nova Casino we are proud to offer one of the most extensive online casino game collections. As well as all the favourite games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Slots we also offer live dealer games, arcade games and the latest in video slots.

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Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Surrender

Test your blackjack skills today. See if you can get 21 points and beat the dealer in order to win big today.

If you get blackjack then you'll receive 150% of your bet! Alternatively, just beat the dealer to win the value of your bet.

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Do you think you've mastered regular Blackjack? Then try Blackjack Switch for added excitement.

Like blackjack, but you are dealt two hands! You have the option to swap the top card between the two hands which means there is a huge chance you'll win.

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A beginner at Blackjack? Then this is the perfect option for you.

Blackjack Surrender gives you the option to leave a round and loose just half your bet once the dealer has checked their cards for blackjack.

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This is the British version of Blackjack and its played with a whopping eight packs of cards!

Try and beat the dealer by building a hand of up to five cards. Card values are the same as in regular blackjack so any regular blackjack players should find this an easy transition and exciting new challenge.

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European Roulette
American Roulette
French Roulette
Mini Roulette

Whether you're a beginner or have been playing for years, this version of Roulette is guaranteed fun.

There is only one zero on the European Roulette board, this means less numbers and higher chances of you winning!

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With an additional double zero this game is sure to entertain.

If the ball stops on either zero or double zero you will receive a half-bet refund on even money bets, so start playing today!

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More betting options mean more skill and more betting strategies.

Aside from the normal betting options, French roulette has the option to place Neighbour bets or Announce bets and since it only has one zero there is an even higher chance of winning.

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Mini roulette has only thirteen numbers on the wheel!

This hugely increases the chances of you selecting a winning number; in fact you can cover every possible outcome with only fifteen bets giving you a 1 in 13 chance of winning.

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Card & Table Games

Sic Bo

Can you get closer to nine than the banker?

This game is easy to understand and has been popular for years; it was even James Bond's favourite game. Try your hand today.

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Bet on the result of the roll of the dice.

Craps is a traditional casino favourite; it guarantees excitement and needs hardly any skill at all. Why not try your luck today.

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One of the oldest games around, from ancient China and although played with three dice, Sic Bo translates as “dice pair”.

A simple game with simple rules, bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice for guaranteed fun and excitement.

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Classic Slots
Video Slots
Novel Slots

These classic games will always be around so join in the fun today.

Our classic slot section not only includes great single-line games such as Magic Slots, Alchemist's Lab and Crazy 7, it also includes many exciting multi-line games such as Fountain of Youth and Bermuda Triangle. These great games mix the classic fruit machine with the added fun of graphics and scatter symbols.

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Classic slots go 21st century with added multi-reels and multi-spins.

Try your luck at video slots, with 3 reels and up to 10 multi-spin lines games such as Ugga Bugga offer continual fun.

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Slot machines taken to the extreme!

These slot machines have up to 50 paylines! Games such as Wall St. Fever offer even more excitement and more importantly even bigger payouts.

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Progressive Games

Gold Rally
Mega Jacks
Beach life

Megaball means mega-play, with eight games in one and up to ten betting strategies this game is guaranteed fun.

Every minute six balls are drawn and you can place up to ten different bets on them. In each of the eight available games you can play for either one or multiple drawings. With so much action this game guarantees fast paced excitement.

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The gold rush is back, spin the wheels and see if get a winning combination to claim the jackpot.

With the option to bet on up to eight paylines and the chance to win on more than one, this game is sure to liven up your day.

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Put together a five card poker hand containing a winning combination and take the money home today.

Like Poker, then this is the game for you… Simply put together a five card poker hand and if it contains a pair of jacks or higher then the money is yours. With the option to swap your cards once and a huge progressive jackpot, this game is great for any poker fan.

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As relaxing as a sunny day on the beach, with the added excitement of five reels and a progressive jackpot.

This game has five reels and 20 paylines, simply choose how many paylines you wish to bet on and then spin the reels. Win on multiple lines and receive multiple payouts, a great game with great odds.

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Casino Hold'em
Pai Gow
Caribbean Stud
Red Dog

Are you a fan of traditional Texas Hold'em? If so then Casino Hold'em is likely to be the game for you.

Casino Hold'em has one huge advantage over Texas Hold'em, all you need do to take home the jackpot is beat the dealer. With no other players to worry about this game could really work in your favour.

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When poker mixes with China Pai Gow Poker is the outcome.

Pai Gow Poker is a combination of an ancient Chinese domino game and Poker. The result is an exciting mixture of the two, try it today and beat the dealer to win the pot.

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Do you enjoy a game of Five Card Stud? If yes then try Caribbean Stud today.

With the option to play in either standard or progressive form, Caribbean Stud Poker is similar to five card stud. However, all you have to do is beat the house, so produce a Royal Flush and the money is yours.

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A simple yet exciting poker variation, try your hand today.

Guess whether the third card you are dealt lies in value between the first two and the money is yours!

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Video Poker

10-Line Jacks or Better
Aces and Faces
Deuces Wild
10's or Better

Exciting Video Poker with great odds.

If you can build a hand with at least a pair of Jacks then the pot is yours. It is easy to play and there is a high chance of success so try your luck today.

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An exhilarating video poker game with huge payouts.

Try and build a hand of four faces and whilst you do you can either double or half double, meaning there are huge pots to be won.

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When a poker has wild cards it can only mean better odds for you…

In this game 2s count as wild cards, this means there are four more winning combinations and great chances of winning.

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Related to Jacks or Better but with even more winning combinations.

All you need to do is put a hand together with contains a pair of tens or higher and the money is yours. With so many winning combinations available you're sure to win.

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Arcade Games

Derby Day
Pop Bingo
Around the World

Pick a few numbers and win lots of money.

If you manage to choose between two and ten numbers from the 20 that are drawn then you win the pot.

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Take a trip to the race tracks without leaving your home in this classic game.

This game boasts great graphics, live race statuses and varying tack conditions to create the most lifelike game possible for any horse racing fan. Enjoy all the fun of a day at the races from the comfort of your own home.

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A fun and simple game of bingo gives you the option to swap your card.

Simply place a bet and then choose a bingo card you're happy with. After the machine has drawn the balls, if your card is closest to being full then the jackpot is yours.

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Travel the world and take a guess at the value of the next number to win big.

As you progress through the levels you'll see some of the world's most famous landmarks in this great arcade game. Before you know it you'll be winning payouts worth four times the value of your bet. The game allows for one incorrect guess making it an easy way to win some cash.

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Live Games

Sic Bo

Easy to understand and the exciting atmosphere of a live game.

Our live dealer will roll three dice and all you need do is bet on the outcome. Guess correctly and the money is yours, fun and simple.

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Bring the casino atmosphere into your home.

Our live Croupier will take your bets and spin the wheel creating the atmosphere of a live Roulette game in your own home.

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Blackjack just got personal.

See if you can beat our live dealer in an exciting game of blackjack.

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Baccarat the way it should be.

Enjoy a game of Baccarat with a real-life dealer to recreate the atmosphere and excitement of a live casino.

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